Lujan, Isela

Ms. Lujan - 7th Grade Mathematics

  7th Grade Math


 Classroom Policies               

As middle school requires more independent responsibility, it is very important that your child becomes organized quickly.  


Assignments are expected to be complete and correctly formatted when the student enters class on the day the assignment is due. Late work will NOT be accepted - no excepts. Failing assignments or late work may be redone for a possible grade of 70 during tutoring.  Make-up work, due to an absence, is allowed the same amount of days absent plus an extra day to be made up. Student progress reports are sent home every two weeks and must be returned with parent signature. 

CONFERENCE TIME: 8:46 - 9:30

Classroom Management Plan  

Discipline Plan:

Classroom Rules

1.      Be respectful and courteous to each other and adults

2.      Arrive to class on time and be prepared

3.      School approved uniforms will be worn properly at all times

4.      Respect the property of others to include district property and facilities

5.      Follow all directions given by the teacher and school personnel

6.      Comply with student code of conduct


1.      Verbal Warning

2.      Conference with student and warning of offense; document on student discipline log

3.      Contact made with parent phone call; document on student discipline log

4.      If disruption continues, a student discipline action form (referral) sent to the Assistant Principal


1.      Praise (daily)

2.      Positive notes/calls home (random)

3.      Various other positive perks (throughout the school year)

4.      The joy of learning (each day of school)


Supply List
Loose leaf paper - replenish often
Pencils w/erasers - replenish often
1 composition book w/100 pages (INTERVENTION ONLY)
2 inch-3 ring binder (REGULAR/ADVANCE ONLY)
5 glue sticks (INTERVENTION ONLY)
Color pencils
4 Expo Markers (use daily)
1 Box of Kleenex

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Additional In-School Resources
Image result for connected.mcgraw-hill math book texas 
Homework Club
What: All Subjects
When: Mon - Thurs
Time:  3-4:30 p.m.
Where: Library
What: Math
When: by appointment
Time:  3-4:00 p.m.
Where: Rm #323

Math Games
Ordering Decimals
Comparing Decimals
Adding Decimals