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Ms. Jessica Carrasco

                                      Room 224


Course:                         6th Grade Mathematics

Course Description:    As a student in my Mathematics class, your
                                      child will be exposed to 
the relevance and use
                                      of Mathematics in everyday life.  This exposure
                                      will occur in a supportive environment that will
engaging and have your child actively 
                                      participating in the learning
process. Throughout
                                      their time in my class, my students will apply
                                      critical thinking skills during problem-solving to
                                      arrive at the ultimate goal of conceptual
                                      understanding.  My students will be taught in an
                                      environment that equips them with the
                                      understanding to mathematically justify every
                                      step in a Math problem as opposed to applying
                                      "shortcuts" without a mathematical basis.  ​ 

Classroom Rules:       My students are expected to adhere to the
                                     following rules:  

                                     1.  No profanity will be used
                                     2.  Respect the teacher and each other
                                     3.  No eating, drinking or gum chewing
                                     4.  Only positive words and comments will be
                                     5.  No bullying

    Consequences:          As educators, we are educating our students, not
                                        only in the area of academics, but, to be
                                        responsible, law-abiding members of society as
                                        well.  For this reason, my students will face the
                                        following consequences should they choose not
                                        to follow our classroom rules:


                                          First Offense:      Verbal Warning

                                          Second Offense:  Teacher-Student Conference

                                         Third Offense:      Teacher-Parent Conference
                                                                     and begin student discipline

                                          Fourth Offense:    Referral


    Course Procedures:   My students are expected to complete their
                                        in-class assignments.  I do not assign homework,
                                        as I must ensure that each assignment is each
                                        child’s own work.  As well, having my students
                                        do their work in class allows me to better
                                        recognize their academic strengths and
                                        weaknesses and strategize a plan of action for
                                        the individual child resulting in comprehension of
                                        the concept or concepts.  All work is weighted
                                        with the following percentages in our class:


                                          Class work                  80%

                                          Exams                         20%


                                          As can be seen from the above percentages,
                                          class work carries the greatest weight in our
                                          class.  If a child does not do well on a
                                          class assignment and does not take advantage
                                          of the opportunity to correct for a higher grade,
                                          as stated under the Extra Credit section, the
                                          child’s grade will be lowered significantly.        


    Absences:                   All work that has not been turned in due to
                                         absences will remain a zero until the student
                                         turns in the work.  It is each student's
                                         responsibility to request the work that they
                                         missed during their absence.

    Extra Credit:                I do not give extra credit.  Instead, I allow my
                                         students to make corrections on assignments or
                                         exams in which they have received a grade
                                         lower than a 70.  If their changes are all correct,
                                         the highest grade that they will receive will be
                                         an 80, which will greatly improve their overall
                                         grade.  Exams and assignments will only be                                      corrected after school.


    Tutoring:                     I am mindful of the fact that my students will
                                         need additional help to achieve success in
                                         Mathematics.  I will be available everyday  
                                         after school in my classroom for tutoring. 
                                         Please encourage your child to take advantage
                                         of this opportunity.


    Tardies:                       All students are expected to be inside the
                                         classroom when the tardy bell rings.  Should
                                         they enter the classroom after the tardy bell
                                         rings, they will be counted tardy if they do not
                                         have an excused tardy slip from a faculty


    I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to teach your child.  Please be aware that my door will always be open to you should you have a concern or would like to speak to me. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.