Sanchez, Mary

Dear Parents,

     Hello, my name is Mrs. Mary Sanchez.   I have been in the class room for 21 years, 10 as a substitute teacher and 11 as a certified teacher. I am one of the National Junior Honor Society sponsors for Ross.  I’m an active member of my church and I love traveling. I tell you about myself,  not because I think I am so interesting but so that you will know that I have a life outside of work and I know your children do too. That being said, it is my position that you will make your child’s education a high priority and do all that you can to support them.

     I'd like very much to stay in contact with you.  You may contact me via the school phone at 887-3060 where you may request a phone or face to face conference. I find e-mail to be the most convenient form of contact. If you use e-mail, I would greatly appreciate you sharing your e-mail address with me.  My e-mail is  You can keep up with what is going on by checking my web page often. I'm looking forward to a great year and hope you and your son/daughter are too!

Mrs. Mary Sanchez


Additional Thoughts

​What happens inside of class?  Students will experience a variety of genres as they learn to read more fluently, increase their vocabulary, understand literary elements, respond to and analyze literature.  Basically, students will learn to critically think about text.  They will also improve their writing skills by responding to the text they read as well as practicing grammar exercises. Students will also study Texas history. The GT curriculum requires 2 major projects for the seventh grade that are research based. The research is on some historical aspect related to the El Paso region. The students use this research to write, illustrate, and publish a book (fiction or non-fiction) and a Social Studies project. The majority of work that the students do in class is project oriented as the English, reading and Social Studies are integraded.

What happens outside of class? The Humanities curriculum has required reading that will start the second week of school and continue until the last week of school. I expect students to complete reading homework, which will be daily. Additionally some class work and assigned projects will need to be worked on at home. You can best help your child by asking him/her on a regular basis what is happening in class and checking their agenda. If they can't answer or their agenda is blank, then it is time to contact me and we need to figure out why.  If you haven't already signed up for the parent portal, I encourage you to do so at the school office. It is a great way for you to see how your child is doing in each of his/her classes. 

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What materials are needed for class? Required supplies are: Blue or Black ink pens, Notebook paper - 2 packs (wide rule preferred but not required), Pencils and erasers, 1 Highlighter, a 1-1/2 inch binder, and one package of notebook dividers (8 are needed). It would be optimal if the binder were used for humanities only.
Optional Supplies (mostly needed for home) are: Basic art supplies, colored pencils, markers, crayons, bottled glue and/or glue sticks, scissors, ruler.