Sanchez, Frank

About Me

My name is Frank Sanchez and I am the current 8th Grade Touch System Data Entry (Keyboarding) and Introduction to Business, Marketing, and Finance teacher at Ross Middle School.  I graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelors in Business Administration and am pursuing a Masters in Instructional Technology. I hold a certification in Business Education 6 - 12th Grade. This is my fourth year at Ross Middle School and I look forward to the opportunity of working with students, parents and faculty.  I believe that my students will exit my class with the knowledge and skill that will allow them to become productive and problem-solving members of society.




Upon Leaving Ross Middle School:
  • Students Will Learn the Touch Key System of Typing and Business Fundamentals in Marketing and Finance
  • Students Will be Proficient in Word Processing, Presentation, and Spreadsheet Software
  • Students Will Have a Better Understanding of High School Courses and Careers
  • Students Having Passed The Keyboarding Course Will Receive 1/2 a High School Credit and One Credit for Having Passed The Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance


Class Rules

These rules will apply to all classes:
  • Be Respectful to Myself, Others and Equipment
  • Be On Time and Prepared to Work
  • No Food, Gum or Drinks
  • Raise Hand Before Speaking
  • Follow Directions The First Time



  • First Notice
      Verbal Warning to Student
    With Documentation
  • Second Notice
       Lunch and/or After School Detention
    With Documentation
  • Third Notice
       Contact Parent / Guardian With Documentation
  • Fourth Notice
       Referral to Counselor or At-Risk Coordinator With Documentation
    Fifth Notice
        Referral to Administration With Documentation



Failure Is Not An Option!!!!!!!!!