Reyes, Dora

My name is Dora Reyes, I am the choir teacher, This is my 12th year at Ross and I am very privileged to be working with so many talented students. My goal is to teach students to be competent musicians, should they choose to continue a career in music. Students will listen to all genre of music, learn about proper choral singing, learn basic music theory and practice proper choral etiquette while learning performance skills. I am looking forward to a fun musical year.
Cartoon Orchestra Leader.png 
         1. Students will learn to work together as a team. "No one can do everything but everyone can do something."
         2. Students will learn the meaning of commitment, responsibility and dedication by becoming involved to achieve a common goal.
         3. Students will develop leadership qualities.
         4. Students will further develop their creativity, problem solving skills and critical thinking and evaluative skill.
         5. Students will acquire talent in the production and performance of music as well as and understanding of music history and culture.
         6. Students will be offered a musical experience that will enrich their lives so that they may become well-rounded individual.