Athletic Performance

Rebel Basketball

Opponent                 8th Boys                 8th Girls                7th Boys                 7th Girls

MaCarthur                Won 50-30              Won 31-26            Lost 44-40               Lost

Tournament             3rd place                 2nd place             5th place                  8th place

Terrace Hills             Lost 40-49               Won 55-14           Won 51-21                Lost

Magoffin                    Won 42-19               Won 34-33            Won 48-41              Won 33-8

Brown                        Lost 51-30               Won 40-18            Won 40-22               Lost

Morehead                  Lost 40-31               Won 43-33            Won 33-30               Won 31-2

Lincoln                       Won                           Lost                       Lost                          Lost

Hornedo                     Lost                           Lost                       Lost                            Lost

Canyon Hills              Won                          Won                        Lost                          Lost

Wiggs                         Lost                           Won                        Lost                          Won

District Tourney

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