Academic Performance





TEA “Recognized” School


* * GRADES * *


 We strive for every student to have a successful year at Ross including passing all classes and becoming prepared to enter high school. We celebrate great grades as well!


Below is the breakdown of grades:

90-100             A

80-89               B

75-79               C

70-74               D

0-69                 F


GRADE ELIGIBILITY: Students must be passing all classes to be eligible for sports, or any UIL event (including music programs)


PROMOTION: In order for promotion to the next grade students must either pass all core classes or all but one core class. Students must also have a minimum of 90% attendance. 8th grade students must also pass state assessments in reading and math.  Summer school is not available to replace failing grades.


PARENT PORTAL- The portal provides parents with online access to information on their EPISD-enrolled students in near real time. Parents will be able to view their child’s attendance, classroom assignments, and grades; additional information will be added to the portal over time. Parents will also be able to contact teachers directly by e-mail.


PROGRESS REPORTS - Progress reports will be sent to parents at the three-week period in between report cards, or when the teacher feels it is necessary. It is the student's responsibility to deliver progress reports and all school correspondence to his/her parents


COUNSELOR AND AT-RISK COORDINATOR- are here to help if you have concerns about your child’s grades.


RECORD REQUEST - A 24-hour notification is required in order to release any records.  Only parents or legal guardians are allowed to pick up records.


STUDENT HONOR PRIVILEGES -Any “U” will keep a student from being included on A and AB Honor Roll and related Honor Roll activities for that nine weeks.


A” Honor Roll AE Card Privileges (student receives all A’s on a nine weeks report card)

  • Free admission to Ross home functions throughout the nine week period
  • Allowedto wear jeans on Fridays throughout the nine week period


CHEATING – Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to, sharing and/or copying work using computer software to copy or download and/or transfer assignments to another student, etc.  This type of activity will result in a zero for that grade and a “U” in citizenship for that six weeks for all students involved.